What if something happens to my pet but I don’t think it’s too serious … can I just call in for a diagnosis or some advice?

Unfortunately, unless a veterinary doctor has actually laid eyes (and hands) on your pet it is always impossible to say for sure what is going on. Even if it appears to be a relatively minor symptom (like scratching) or occurrence (your cat ate a strange plant from your garden), without looking at other signs and manifestations your vet can never say with any real degree of confidence that things are okay.

Because they have a commitment to making things right with your pet, not worse, they would never want to make a recommendation or offer advice based on just a partial picture. Veterinarians are trained to see things and make connections that the average person cannot, and to make sure even small mishaps don’t turn into major losses. We adhere to ethical standards and furthermore would be unable to prescribe any treatment or medication for pets not examined by our veterinary team.

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