Emergency & Urgent Care

Our hospital is fully staffed and available for emergencies during office hours. Our veterinarian and technicians are trained and equipped to handle emergency situations. Emergencies include: bloat, poisoning, hit by car, and rattlesnake bites. Our facility features in-house laboratory equipment, digital radiology, and a cutting-edge surgical suite…everything necessary to handle your pet’s emergency.

We provide our patients with 24-hour intensive care when needed. Throughout the night, a veterinarian or registered veterinary technician will watch over patients and provide necessary services, including monitoring vital signs (e.g., temperature, blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate) and administering fluids, medications, and pain management drugs. Please ask us about the availability of this service.

For After Hours Emergency Care:

Grand Terrace Animal Emergency Clinic
2022 La Crosse Ave, Grand Terrace, CA 92313
(909) 825-9350

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Our facilities will allow your pet to be as comfortable as possible while you are away. Please feel free to contact us for a tour of our facilities at any time.

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Pet Health Library Articles

Yucaipa Animal Hospital is pleased to provide a library of professional articles updated by practice experts. Browse our library of topics or quickly find the article you need.

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Prescription/Food Refill Request

Please use the form below to request your prescription refill or food item. This will save you time when picking up your order. Many prescriptions require your pet to be examined.

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