Geriatric Health Care

Pets age at a rate 5-7 times that of humans. That means that some large breed dogs can be considered “senior” at only 5 years of age. Prevention-focused senior health care can add quality of life to your aging while helping decrease costs associated with care.

A comprehensive physical exam every 6-12 months may be recommended as optimum health care regimen depending on your pet’s condition or monitoring of specific health issues. During your pet’s annual exam, the doctor will evaluate and discuss your pet’s body condition, eyes, ears, teeth, skin, mobility and organ function.

In addition to a comprehensive physical exam, laboratory screening is also an important part of the health care program. Many diseases can be diagnosed through bloodwork before the pet shows clinical signs. A Senior Panel will screen for:

  • Blood Count and Chemistry
  • Kidney and Liver Function
  • ​Thyroid

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